Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pergola and kitchen floor work continues.

We have had a pretty busy summer schedule but are managing to make continual progress in our projects. The kitchen floor is slowly being pulled up. The process is painstaking because we have to be very careful not to split the wood. The pergola is coming along too. That project expanded in scope because we decided to fully strip the deck and also add porch-style spindles. Celia has now painted all of the spindles and I have fabricated the bottom rail. Next is to do some joinery on the handrail sections I purchased.
It's kind of funny that even though I am sooooo overwhelmed with work, I still find myself planning my next projects.  I can't wait to start restoring my new back doors and stained glass window. I have also started to try to convince Celia to let me buy a scaffolding tower :-)