Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kitchen Update: The Demo Continues

Demo on the kitchen is continuing.  It is taking longer than I hoped just to get the old stuff out.  I think that means that it will be a long time before our kitchen is all done. :(

Floor:  The old 1980's ceramic tile has all been removed.  My father-in-law lent me his rotary drill with chisel attachment, which made quick work of the tile. We took one load to the dump last weekend and have the rest in a pile ready to haul away.

Walls:  The 1980's horizontal pine planks have all been removed.  Most of the kitchen is down to the studs.

Electrical:  The old ceiling lights were mounted in the faux beams, so they have now been removed.

Ceiling:  The entire lower ceiling has been removed.  It has been quite the effort to remove the faux beams, then the drywall, then the joists.  My prybar has never seen so much action!

Island:  About half of the island has been dismantled.  A couple days ago I cut the water lines and removed the dishwasher and sink.  I still have to find the correct breaker for the cooktop before I can remove the rest of the island unit.

Tonight, Celia's mom watched our kids so we could get some real work done.  Below is a video of Celia taking down the last of the ceiling joists in the original portion of the kitchen.  This women gets serious about demo!