Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wiring and Plumbing

This weekend, we have been working on the kitchen's plumbing and wiring.  My father-in-law is starting to build our base cabinets so I needed to get moving on the wiring.  We already had 2 20amp circuits feeding the kitchen outlets so I just made a few tweaks to make sure the under-cabinet lighting and range hood will have power.  We also ran a new 50amp circuit that will serve to power the oven.  The range we chose is dual fuel so I needed a 240v circuit for the ovens and then the cooktop will be gas.
As for plumbing, you might remember that the old drop ceiling in the kitchen hid all of the plumbing from the master bath upstairs.  Now that ceiling is gone, I have to relocate all of the supply and drain lines. I successfully raised the shower drain up into the original ceiling joists.   I took care to maintain the  pitch on the drain line and I am very happy with the results.  Next up is the toilet.  I went to Lowes and bought all the PVC pieces so that I can perform the same procedure.

Add gas line to power the dual-fuel range
Add cold-water line for the pot-filler
Relocate tub and sink drain lines
Relocate tub, shower, sink and toilet supply lines.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Old House Photo

Today our house was featured in a community event about historical houses.  It was really neat to learn more about all of the other old houses on our block.  Several really cool things happened:

a. I got to talk to a former house owner named Dee Zaborac.  She owned the house for about three years in 1976.
b. I got to talk to a women that used to sing at our house while it was a funeral parlor.  She described to us how the different rooms were setup and how the music would flow through the whole lower level of the house.

c. I got to see an old photo of the front of our house.  Well, just a corner of it.  Finding old photos is like hitting the jackpot for us old house nuts.  I could never have dreamed how this porch would have looked originally. Now I have to add "Rebuild front porch/side porch" to my to-do list.