Saturday, October 13, 2012

Old House Photo

Today our house was featured in a community event about historical houses.  It was really neat to learn more about all of the other old houses on our block.  Several really cool things happened:

a. I got to talk to a former house owner named Dee Zaborac.  She owned the house for about three years in 1976.
b. I got to talk to a women that used to sing at our house while it was a funeral parlor.  She described to us how the different rooms were setup and how the music would flow through the whole lower level of the house.

c. I got to see an old photo of the front of our house.  Well, just a corner of it.  Finding old photos is like hitting the jackpot for us old house nuts.  I could never have dreamed how this porch would have looked originally. Now I have to add "Rebuild front porch/side porch" to my to-do list.