Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drywall Progress and New Toys!

Hello old house lovers!
We have been plugging away at the house. This post outlines that progress on the kitchen over the past week or so. The big project this weekend was to hang more drywall on the walls.  We hung about 15 sheets total.
Last week, I ordered a new toy to do the ceiling.  11ft ceilings make a drywall hoist a MUST.

This lift came from Amazon and was delivered in 1 day with free shipping and no tax. Here is the one I bought: Pentagon Tools Pro Series Heavy Duty Drywall Lift

Also this week, my father-in-law, Bryon Tindall of BT Interiors showed me the progress on the cabinets.  He has glued up the cabinet fronts so it was neat to be able to see the door/drawer layout.

I am also trying to stay one step ahead with my projects. Now that drywall is well underway, I have been increasingly thinking about trim.  As you know, the plan is to replicate some of the ornate original millwork.  This will take some serious effort.

To start down this path, I purchased a ShopSmith Mark V system.  This system converts into a table saw, disc sander, jointer, drill press, router, and band saw. ShopSmith has been making these things in the USA since the 1950's and still makes parts for those really old machines.  Their claim to fame is that all the versatility is packed into a small unit that is ideal for smaller wood shops.  I picked this 1984 vintage unit for $700 and should provide me with the functionality of tools that would have otherwise cost me thousands.