Saturday, March 15, 2014

FINISHED: Repairing an old storm door/screen door

I started a side project a couple of weeks ago; repairing one of the storm doors on the front of the house.    Before we bought the place, the wind had caught the door and snapped it into several pieces.  It sat untouched in the garage for the past couple years until I started to get the itch to tackle it.  Upon closer inspection I found that the stile had snapped in 2 places.  The work was challenging because I had to fabricate a large portion of one of the stiles and fit it into place.  I got to put my Shopsmith (view image) to good use.  I used the table saw, overhead router, drill press, and jointer.  Hopefully the work will hold together. I saw that this repair had been done at least twice prior on this door.  Hopefully the gas closure device and the wind chain I installed will help.

Below is that final product.  The green box shows the portion of the stile that was repaired
Same paint color, but now the door on the left looks a little shabby since it is probably a little faded and dirty.