Monday, January 9, 2012

Kitchen Whirlwind

This past weekend Celia and I began demo in the kitchen.  We made really good progress.  To start, Celia took a pry bar to the tongue and groove horizontal boards that covered the walls.  It varied in width from 4" to 10". It was all 1/2 inch pine that was added in 1986.  How do we know? Well, we found old Illinois Lottery tickets dated Apr 1986 that  had been used as shims.

Next we removed the upper and lower kitchen cabinets.  They were very simply to remove.

Finally it came time to remove the built-in display cabinet.  This thing was built in place and built to last.  Celia and I attacked it with the screw gun, pry bar, and sledge hammer and had a heck of a time.

The best part though is that we have found homes for nearly all of the waste!  Several different Craigslist buyers came to the rescue for 2 loads of scrap wood, the kitchen cabinets, and the glass cabinet doors.  I really hate the idea of paying (alot of $$$) for a dumpster  just to throw stuff away.