Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old House Society - Architectural Salvage Warehouse

This week, I had the opportunity to visit a nearby architectural salvage store.  The Old House Society based in Bloomington, IL is a group of like-minded people that work together to preserve old buildings and when needed, salvage the good bits from them.  They run the "Architectural Salvage Warehouse" which is about 16,000 sqft of old house parts that they have recovered.  I went in looking for door knobs, backplates, and hardwood floor.  I was tickled pink when I found an exact match to the door knobs/backplates in the upstairs of my house!  Their selection is great and everything is fairly organized so it was easy to see exactly what they had available.  Ken was my salesperson.  Very friendly. I was impressed that he was a volunteer that was working at the store for a couple hours before his "day job".
Celia, unfortunately was not able to visit with me, so she is really excited and cant wait for our next trip!

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