Friday, November 25, 2011

Starting work on the kids room

Since we have a long weekend I have been anxious to make some progress on the house. Today I worked on a few more mundane maintenance issues. I am still fighting with the plumbing, and I replaced a broken window pane in the roof of our greenhouse/atrium.

This glass room is accessible from the 2nd floor bathroom, and features a door to walk out to an open deck. Obviously the greenhouse isnt authentic to the Victorian era, but Celia loves it and dreams of tending to a small flower garden.
The real excitement today though was that I actually started on an actual restoration project. I started removing the wallpaper and stripping the painted trim in the room that will become the girl's bedroom.
Bedroom Door
Closet Door

Awesome Light Fixture

Bedroom Windows

Another interesting discovery is that this room has always had painted trim. I found evidence that indicates that the trim was never stained/shellacked. Take a look at this next picture. What you are looking at is the right side of the door trim. Once I scraped the paint off, words stamped with ink into the wood appeared:
The words are "From:" "Feet" and "No."