Friday, December 16, 2011

Cleaning up a mess

Celia and I have finally finished removing the wallpaper paste from all of the back entry walls.  It was a messy job!!!  Most of the paste scrapings ended up on the floor so we decided to tackle cleaning it.  First we swept the floor, then carefully scraped any bits stuck to the floor with a putty knife. Finally we scrubbed it on our hands and knees with damp rags.  This floor is in really nice condition* so we probably wont get around to sanding/refinishing anytime soon.  Here is how the floors look now:

*As with everything old, nothing is perfect.  While these floors are mostly in great shape, at some point in history, the radiator leaked and rotted the floorboards beneath it.  The current plan (in the distant future) is to gather enough scrap pieces from other rooms that have incomplete flooring (i know the dining room has a huge patch and will probably need to replace the whole floor)