Monday, December 5, 2011

Our House's Dirty Little Secret?

We are just beginning to strip all of the doors and trim in this house.  "Just beginning" as in I have striped almost one single door and about 20 linear feet of trim.  The trim and doors seem to be made of pine and I had originally thought they were simply painted white or tan.  Unfortunately no fancy wood species underneath.  However, today while working on the closet door in the girl's room, I noticed that the door appeared to have a faux grain paint job (aka faux bois).  I didn't notice this earlier
a. because I dont think the trim has the same treatment
b. I worked on the back side of the door first.
c. Using the heat gun causes all layers to come up at once.

Take a look.  It looks like they were going for a golden oak look to me.  This surprises me because the stair cases are dark walnut. I would have never even guessed that faux painting would even been a possibility if I had not read about it on Craig & Yvonnes old house blog 6 months ago.  What should I do now?  Has anyone attempted to refinish their doors with faux wood grain?