Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Head is in the Gutter

Hello All!
Today I worked on my gutters.  Actually most of the house is lacking gutters.  The PO removed the built-in yankee gutters when they put a new roof on in 2009.  Since then the house has been gutter-less except for around the porches.  These gutters themselves are in pretty good shape, but were literally overflowing with leaves and pine needles.  So I cleaned them all out. (Not very exciting work).  Also, all of the gutters were missing their down spouts. Apparently they were never put back up after the house was painted.  I spent about $75 on parts and had the new downspouts put up in about 2 hours.
While I was working outside, Celia and her mom decided to start removing the wallpaper from back entry. The wallpaper was extremely thick so it pulled off the wall in full sheets!  Unfortunately, the wallpaper was applied with wallpaper paste and the paste stayed firmly adhered to the wall.  The Garmet Steamer that we are using is doing a pretty good job of reactivating the paste so that it can be scraped off the walls with a putty knife.