Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was unseasonably warm for Illinois.  The temp was 72 on Saturday!!!  Dad, Celia, and I took advantage of the weather and got lots of the little stuff marked off my list:

  • Rebuilt the master bath toilet.
  • Patched a rotten spot in the hardwood floors where an old radiator leaked for many years. (Actually quite a big job!)
  • Drywalled a bit of the kitchen
  • Mowed the yard
  • Fixed the electronic eye that was preventing one of the garage doors openers from functioning
  • Prepared the snow blower for winter
  • Moved a set of pocket doors from the garage to inside the house (see pic below).
  • Demolished the walls going into the laundry room.  It used to have ugly 80's pocket doors and the wall needed to be re-framed.
  • Cleaned the gutters on the garage
This pair of pocket doors was found in the garage when we bought the house. Someone spent lots of time stripping them so they need a few very minor repairs and then will be ready for stain.   Here, Celia is bushing off all the webs and spiders from this massive 36" x 9'4" door.