Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Discoveries in the Kitchen

Work is progressing in the kitchen.  Mainly boring stuff like drywall and wallpaper removal.  This week we uncovered some pretty exciting stuff though...

Discovery #1
While removing wallpaper in the kitchen we found 2 more signatures.
It says:
Ralph J. Sedgwick
by. Clifford Yocum
May 31 1938

Ralph J Sedgwick was part of a prominent family in our town.  Ralph started the family funeral home business and ran it out of our house for a number of years.  Since then, the business has been continued by his son and grandson.  It still operates today out of another historic building in town:  Here is a picture of the Ralph and his grandson:
Discovery #2
While prepping a wall in the part of the kitchen that is an addition, I pulled the old insulation out of a single stud bay and noticed some rather odd 1x sheathing.  Notice in this picture how the edges have a chamfer.

It kind of bothered me for a couple days so today I pulled out some more insulation... To my surprise I found this:

Not sure exactly what I am looking at, but I strongly suspect this is re-purposed wood from the old porch.  I speculate that the old porch would have been dismantled when the addition was added and this wood was salvaged.  What I cant picture is where the 1" material would have gone exactly...  The chamfer detail is replicated in the window/door molding inside our house, but not outside.  Perhaps it wrapped the porch columns or something.  I think I am going to need to pull out the rest of the insulation.

UPDATE:  HOLY SMOKES AM I EXCITED! I solved the mystery of these pieces of sheathing.
I started thinking a bit and pulled out the old photo of our front porch.  You may remember it from this post back in October. 
If you look closely, you will see that these pieces of wood match the porch elements in this photo.  Here is a hacked up version to illustrate: