Friday, May 17, 2013

Making progress! Roof, Side entrance foyer, and electrical

We have been plugging way lately.  Some big projects are wrapping up and some smaller projects too...

The roof over the kitchen addition is now almost fully installed.  This was a BIG project that was delayed due to rain.  Only I am crazy enough to tear the roof off right before record-setting rain.  So much rain that I am told this general area was declared a FEMA disaster zone. I am still planning a big blog post about my roofing project.

The side entrance foyer has seen a lot of work over the past couple days.  We started working on this right after we bought the house (a year and a half ago), but other projects stole our attention.  Way back then we stripped all the wallpaper and an insane amount of wallpaper paste.  We realized recently that it didnt require too much more work so we decided to finish it up.  Yesterday Celia and I patched holes in the plaster and sanded.  Today we applied a coat of Kilz primer.  Tomorrow? we will probably put on the finish coat.  We are REALLY looking forward to this because it is going to be the very first finish coat of paint in the interior of the house.  So much of our work thus far as been demo, or mechanical or structural.
SIDE NOTE: Apparently Kilz makes all sorts of primer products now.  Kilz Latex, Kilz MAX, Kilz Odorless, etc.  Something inside me told me to stick to the tried-n-true Original Kilz.
Ahh fresh, clean white primer!
Another project in the foyer was to fix some plaster.  Specifically the ceiling above the stairs had been skim-coated at some point in history but it had cracked and fallen when the upstairs toilet leaked.  I started patching it today:  
Fairly large patch (3'x3').  My 12-inch drywall knife provided a pretty nice finish.
I also had a small but important victory with the electrical.  Ever since we bought the place, the main light in the basement didnt work.  You know, the one the lights up the bottom of the stairs.  This made the basement extra creepy... Anyways, replacing the bulbs and flipping breakers didn't help so we have been just dealing with it be using a flashlight.  I got bored last weekend and decided to replace the switch, and it WORKED!.  So now we have a light in the basement.  It is the simple things in life that matter...