Sunday, May 19, 2013

Painting in Side Entrance Foyer = Done

Celia and I wrapped up the painting project we had been working on over the past few days 1.5 years.  Below are some before/during/after pics. In these first three pics you can see us in the process of removing the old tan wallpaper.  This room was basically tan wallpaper with tan trim.  This project was just about painting the walls.  The trim/baseboards will eventually be stripped, but that will take time to get to.

Notice the old original? coat hook rack.

This is the side entrance door.  Also notice the original light fixture.

These are the back servant stairs.

Cutting in around this trim with primer and then the top coat was a PITA.

Spending extra time patching cracks/holes and sanding everything really paid off!

Ahh my pretty chandelier.  This is my pet project.  It never functioned since I owned the house so I took it down and started working on it. I finished a complete rebuild about a year ago and it was sitting in storage waiting for the day it could be hung back up.  It was actually a combination gas/electric fixture.  The center is an electric bulb and the three arms pointing towards the ceiling were gas lights.  I never could imagine actually hooking it back up to gas so I converted it all to electric.  For the purists out there, dont worry. The conversion did not require drilling the gas valves and I saved the extra bits.  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  A pleasant surprise was that the "vaseline glass" bits coordinate really well with the walls.  Almost like we planned it, lol.
Some of you may have noticed that I am missing a globe on the center lamp.  This would have been a round 6" vaseline glass globe.  They are really hard to find. I have been watching ebay for about a year now and haven't found the perfect one yet. 

The color we chose is called "Slightly Sour Absinthe".  It is basically a pale key lime pie color. In real life, it is a little greener than it appears here.  I especially like how it pops against the walnut stairs.  We don't really care for how it coordinates with the tan trim, but the goal is to slowly start stripping the trim anyway.

Some people raise an eyebrow when they hear I used Glidden paint.  We generally use Sherwin Williams oil and/or latex paints on our exterior projects but Glidden has been my interior latex choice for years.   This time it didn't let us down.  One-coat coverage over the Kilz primer.  Cant ask for more than that, lol.
After the painting was done, I starting working on restoring the coat rack that is shown in the first picture.  I am going to write up a separate blog post on this project....