Saturday, May 25, 2013

Old-school Rainwater Catchment

Hello readers!
I recently started investigating the cistern on our property.  I believe it to be designed to catch rainwater from the roof gutters.  I have 4" cast-iron pipe sticking up out of the ground in a couple places around the house that obviously used to have round corrugated downspouts going into them. The top of the hole is covered in a 4" thick flat, cut stone.  I stuck a camera down in the hole and took these picks.

Notice the 3 inlets at the bottom of this photo

Brick walls looks to be in decent shape

I have read about people pumping out the water and then climbing in and cleaning them out.  Supposedly you can find all sorts of artifacts in them.... and dead animals... and lots of grime...
Maybe one day I will get around to it  I will send Celia down...
I think it would be neat to clean it out and hook up an old cistern pump like this one.